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Discover the fascinating wonders of Barcelona on a guided tour by electric bike.

Discover Barcelona on a fascinating tour on an electric bike, from the most impressive works of Gaudí, the streets and bars, where Picasso used to spend his time living in Barcelona or the stunning Montjuïc fountain during the sunset, choose the tour that best fits in your schedule and fall in love with the city on an electric bike.

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Private & tailor made tours

With our experience and your interests we can help you to design a special tour whether it will be a child friendly itinerary, a fun tour for your hen doo, an informative tour for your students, or a corporate trip. Tell us what you are looking for and we guarantee you the best tour!

Let us present you our guides

Passionate, intelligent, charismatic…. be seduced by the Barcelona eBikes team who are ready to guide you through the city with stories prepared by each one of us.


After crossing the whole world during more than ten years and coming back on a bike from China, he settles in his hometown Barcelona to guide tours through the city, the best job he could have imagined. ¨It´s not me the one who travels the world to get to know its people, but the travellers from all around come to visit me.¨


Linguist, enthusiastic reader and traveller by soul, lover of the Indian philosophy and the ancient cultures of the world, writing is her passion. She was attracted by the love for art and history to the city of Barcelona and her sensible insight into the events of the city will enchant you and make you fall in love with it.


Journalist by profession, actor … Communicating is his big passion. His knowledge of Gaudís works and of the history of the city will make you see it through different eyes. He uses to say: ¨acting and guiding through my city a pretty much the same¨ …. It´s all an experience.


Logistic and maintenance coordinator, organizes, repairs, guides. He is the man behind the scenes of Barcelona eBikes, who makes sure everything works.


Graphic recorder, illustrator, traveller with no limits and funder of Barcelona eBikes. After many years of crossing through Asia she decides to cross around Barcelona on her eBike and now you might find her for an outstanding eBike tour.


Our talented photographer. If you are lucky she will join us on a tour and get the best out of you!


Historian, Freelance Guide, passionate about art and the city of Barcelona. He will show you even the most unnoticed detail and tell you something about it.


Photographer, nurse and big fan of Barcelona is our freelance tour guide. It might be her, who will guide you on a private tour, which she likes the most.


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